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Gallery integration

Gallery integration test!


The fixed width theme messes up the gallery D:

Banner Images

The random images in the top banner are from photos I took in Japan using my trusty digicam. They are:

Mount Fuji series:

- A picture of clouds at night on top of Mount Fuji
- Sunrise from Mount Fuji
- Torii on top of Mount Fuji

Ohanami series:

- Lake at some park in Japan (forgot the name ...orz)
- Sunset at some park in Japan

and a picture of waves from Okinawa.

Maybe I'll put up some of my experiments with HDR photography next :D...

Waxin' Lyrical renewal!

So Waxin' Lyrical's host got hacked (again) and I've decided to finally get off my behind to get this up and running (again). With the third reincarnation of Waxin' Lyrical (and also the changes to both Stranger's and Xephyris' personal lives) I've decided to take the site in a different direction:

As both of us have graduated and found employment we probably won't be translating much any more. Consequently:

Waxin' Lyrical is a now a personal homepage thing! Woo!