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By stranger - Posted on 28 February 2011

Leshy (former title: Quicksilver Blaze) is a 3D 3rd person platformer, where you play a ball with the ability to grow and shrink. It was developed as a Master's game project at Digipen over January - May 2011 by Team Radioactive Dodos. Leshy was nominated as a Finalist in the 2012 Indie Propeller Awards in the categories of Best Design, Best Audio and Technical Excellence. Leshy was also awarded Best Master's Technology and Best Master's Game in the 2011 Digipen Game Awards.

I am the Designer of the team, which means my responsibilities are chiefly in design of levels, gameplay mechanics, and general feel of the game. In addition to design, my programming contributions to the game so far have been implementing the behavior for environmental objects such as checkpoints and moving platforms/objects, level editor functionality, the HUD, the 2 time attack modes and general bug fixes.

Team Radioactive Dodos are:
Fanny Paola Vadillo Herrera - Producer
Malte Skarupke - Technical Lead
Andrew Friedland - Physics Lead
Chin Xiang Chong - Designer

September 25 2011 - Update to Version 1.21
1. Minor graphical and difficulty tweaks.

September 03 2011 - Update to Version 1.2
1. Some tweaks to level in light of PAX Playtesting. Difficulty of jumping set-pieces was lowered, some extra check points added.
2. Fixed springs playing sounds when they were not supposed to.

Aug 12 2011 - Update to Version 1.1.3
Final build before PAX Playtesting!
Added extra diagnostic checks: warning message will show if OpenGL drivers are not up to date/graphics card cannot handle Leshy.

May 29 2011 - Update to Version 1.1.2
1. Slight adjustments to level
2. Added missing sound effect for old style derez zones.

May 28 2011 - Update to Version 1.1.1
1. Slight adjustments to level
2. Arrow no longer changes color when reaching advanced area

May 26 2011 - Update to Version 1.1.
1. 2 new set pieces in level, slight adjustment of some previous set pieces.
2. Cut down loading time in half
3. Use Windows' common documents folder instead of user's personal documents folder.
4. Miscellaneous behind-the-scenes engine improvements.

April 26 2011 - Initial Release

Click here to download the installer for Leshy Source code for the game is available on request for purposes of code samples for employment!