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Kinect Gesture Recognition

By stranger - Posted on 26 September 2011

This is a demonstration for Kinect gesture recognition using a Dynamic Time Warping algorithm. For my full-year game project at Digipen, I'm currently planning on integrating Kinect controls, so this is an important proof-of-concept to see what can be done.

The framework is heavily modified from its original source provided by Rhemyst and Rymix from . Specifically, I've upgraded the functionality of the code to be able to recognize gestures in 3D (previously only limited to 2D), and also to specify particular joints to be used when recording gestures. In addition, I've also greatly increased the efficiency of the core DTW algorithm by rewriting the loops such that unnecessary operations like deep copying, then reversing the input sequences are now unnecessary.

Choosing resolution to be 480p and full-screening it is highly recommended!

Change log:
31 October 2011:
- Changed format of gesture file (Removed the "@" sign from the gesture name. We now use "@" in a line by itself to denote that the following line is the name of the gesture).
- Significantly improved efficiency of DTW by rewriting the loops that do the calculation. We no longer need to reverse the input, nor deep copy it when entering the DTW function. Apparently I was not thinking too hard when I blindly copied what the original source was doing :P This will probably be the final update I have for this project.

26 September 2011: Initial Upload

Click here to download the source for Kinect Gesture recognition. The code is written in C#, and requires:
Windows 7
Kinect SDK
Visual Studio 2010
XNA Framework (Only because I am too lazy to write my own Vector class! :P)
Decently fast computer