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Harpoon Ninja

By stranger - Posted on 31 January 2011

HarpoonNinja is a quick engine sample I put together for my Intro to Game Development class at Digipen. It is a 2D platformer, where the main Hero has a grappling hook that allows him to climb walls, pull objects closer to him, and slow enemies.

HarpoonNinja is built on top of a framework provided by Chris Peters of Digipen. Game control, logic component design and AI system in particular were written from scratch/heavily modified from the original code. The AI system also highlights how a simple parallel State Machines architecture might be implemented quickly and cleanly. Recommended files to look at for code sample are GroupedBehavior.h, GroupedBehavior.cpp, Behavior.h, Behavior.cpp.

Graphics in the game were chiefly provided by Brenda Chen, taken as they are from my previous game, Elsia. The rest of the graphics (power-ups, etc), were found through a Google image search. If you are the creator of the graphics and would like for me to remove them from this sample, kindly contact me at

Click here to download HarpoonNinja source code (Visual Studio 2010) and installer