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By stranger - Posted on 27 May 2011

Elsia is the first game I worked on. Created from August 2005 - December 2005 as part of the CIS300 course at Cornell, Elsia is a 2D platformer that features asymmetric cooperative gameplay. One player controls the main character Spike via the keyboard, and another controls the fairy character Friday through the mouse.

I served as the Team Lead and Designer for the game, which meant my duties were designing the game mechanics, levels, and managing the production of the game by setting and adjusting milestones, dealing with team conflicts, etc. I didn't actually do any coding for the game as I was already handling 2 other programming courses that semester, but that allowed me to concentrate more on the design and production issues in developing a game. It is interesting to see the contrast in level design between Elsia and my later game, Leshy. Elsia has the honor of being selected as a highlighted game for the Game Design Initiative at Cornell (GDIAC)

Elsia was made by:
Jeremy Awon: Tech Lead
Nolan Leung: Programmer
Eric Tobis: Programmer
Nate Burba: Programmer
Brenda Chen: Artist
Chin Xiang Chong: Team Lead, Designer

Click here to download the executable for Elsia
Please Note: Unfortunately, the game was written with a dependency on DirectDraw, which is now deprecated. If you install an old version of DirectX (9.0c, click here to download) the game should work fine, otherwise it is likely that the game will not work for you, especially if you're running Windows 7 and have the latest DirectX drivers installed.