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By stranger - Posted on 04 March 2012

Crystalline is a First Person Puzzle-Platformer which features a pair of force-beams, one which propels the player around the environment, and one which attracts objects towards the player. Players will use these powers to sneak by enemy robots, smash turrets against the walls, rip doors off hinges, and solve engaging puzzles.

Crystalline features a task-based engine created from scratch, Bullet Physics to power realistic interaction with the environment, usage of Google Sketchup as a level editor, and complex AI that actively seeks out and chases the player. The Crystalline engine also features fully functional Kinect controls.

Click here to download Crystalline from Digipen's servers (Note that this version does not have Kinect enabled, see note below for more information)

Crystalline is my second year game project at DigiPen Institute of Technology, and is shipped in May 2012. It is made by Team Awesome Possum, a group of second year Masters' students as programmers joined with several artists.

Team Awesome Possum is comprised of:
John Calsbeek: Tech Director, Graphics Programmer
Michael Myers: Physics Programmer
Fanny Paola Vadillo Herrera: AI Programmer
John Yednock: Tools Programmer
Chin Xiang Chong: Designer, Producer, Gameplay programmer
Yi Liang Siew: Artist
Erik Miles: Artist
Ian Hampton: Additional art assests
Jeremy Kings: Music

Kinect version:
Although the shipped version of Crystalline supports Kinect controls, we made the decision to not include them in the final product. There are several reasons for this, but the main ones are:
1. Noticeable control input latency, especially on laptops/older computers.
2. It became tiring after about 5 minutes of waving your hands around.
3. Controls were less precise than mouse/keyboard controls, and made the later levels more frustrating than fun.

However, if you're interested to try it out, I've made the Kinect enabled version of Crystalline available for download here.

Note that you'll also need Microsoft's Kinect for Windows SDK Beta Version 2 installed. At the time of developing Crystalline, the official Kinect for Windows SDK had not been fully released, hence we used the Version 2 Beta. We also developed with the Xbox 360 Kinect plugged into a PC, so we can't guarantee that the PC version will work.